Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tom Tancredo and the bobos

Gratias ago to Tom for writing this article, wherein he complains about the SPLC and their smear tactics. However, after explaining what a bunch of scum the organization is and giving a few examples of how they lie like their father, he writes the following:
Why a group that aligns itself with terrorists, but opposes The Lord of the Rings is taken seriously by anyone is beyond me.
Really? Is that possible? Can one be at Tom's level and not know which tribe runs the SPLC, the media, academia, and the District of Criminals, especially the NKVD/KGB/Dept of Homeland Security?  I seriously doubt it.  I believe he does know but also knows what will happen to him if he boldly proclaims the truth and is protecting himself accordingly.

There is a simple rule: To quickly discover who is in charge, ask whom you are not allowed to criticize. A corollary:  If you are not allowed to critize anyone, you know right away who is the slave.

What I believe Tom doesn't see is that absolutely none of our current leadership will acknowledge what is becoming more obvious to ever more regular folk, which is that Europeans have been almost completely displaced in positions of power in their own countries and are fast becoming -- thanks to the bobos -- a powerless minority at every other level of government and society. 

In other words, Western countries have been almost completely taken over by a hostile enemy tribe and our leaders are afraid to even acknowledge the fact.  Euros are without any leadership whatever, unable to fight back or even express their frustration.  They are being rapidly dispossed of their legal rights, their social status, their wealth, their health, and ability to make a living and support and protect their families.  Judging by gold, silver, gun, ammunition, survival gear sales, and the recent tea party protests, they're becoming a little pipped.

And yet the bobos just keep pushing.  They propose ever more domestic government spying, wars for Israel, more Marxism/multiculturalism/Globocapitalism, endless taxation, and are still working to officially outlaw what free speech remains.  What outcome do these power-mad, self-chosenites expect?  Has not their Holyhoax myth taught them anything?

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