Friday, December 9, 2011

One of the biggest lies about Europeans

Most people today believe that America was "stolen" by White men from the sweet, innocent aborigines. An attentive person will read or hear this accusation at least once a month. Of course, anyone knowing even a little American history knows this rumor to be completely false, downright ridiculous, and completely absurd.

But most people today were raised by the Marxists and the Gnostics and their useful incompetents in our public school system. They don't know any real history and they believe this colossal lie.

If one wants to begin to discover the truth of the matter, here are some arresting facts you'll never hear in school, in the MSM, or from the government. The link is a preview of a DVD by New Century Productions.

BTW, my ancestors were here from the beginning. They were all of hard-working, honest, healthy English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish stock. They were the first -- the original -- Americans. They fought murderous savages, built America, and spread civilization. All the good things enjoyed in this world came from Western Man (the White man). No apologies here. If there is any fault it is that we have tried too hard to please those who envy us and as a result are now fast becoming a hated minorities in our own countries.

But things are, thankfully, beginning to change. There is a great awakening occuring. Ever more of us are willing to say openly and defiantly: You multicultists, Marxists, and other assorted White-haters, take your White-guilt and your hateful names and go home, we'll not tolerate your nonsense any longer.

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