Thursday, December 8, 2011

Goldman Sachs' highly improbable trades

still netting them billions. Read Tyler Durden's Another View At Goldman's Trading Perfection And Statistical Improbabilities and tell me we are not being plundered by the international money-changers. This is to me more confirmation on what Max Keiser has been saying about Goldman, that they have been using highly illegal and dishonest computer manipulation algorithms (amonst other nefarious methods) to cheat market trades. A comment from "AR":
GREAT report. Think of it... All of Goldman's competitors are taken out (for most part). The government retains Goldman to consult them on virtually ALL financial matters. Government, thus... allows Goldman to formulate policy, and gain inside information on all matters of policy. Goldman front-runs the entire marketplace. President Obama endorses these acts. Goldman borrows money from government (taxpayers). Then, Goldman STEALS from taxpayers, government, and all investors in the market (as evidence of the probabilities as shown above). Gentlemen, this is NOT called Democracy, Socialism, or even Communism. This is called THEFT by order of a legalized Ponzi Scheme enabled by the United States Government and your President. No one is safe anymore from the deceit, theft, and manipulation. Merry Christmas.

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