Sunday, December 4, 2011

All you need is love, love, love

Over the years I have watched conservatives lose ground in every important battle they've ever fought, through nothing more than simple compromise and capitulation. They don't want to make waves, you see; for a conservative, being polite is much more important than being right.

James Edwards notes the latest defeat and reproaches the Jew-DayO!-Christians who helped bring it all upon themselves as well as upon the rest of us.
Well, if it’s hate and bigotry to restrict marriage on the basis of race, it’s hate and bigotry to restrict marriage on the basis of gender. You can’t run around for decades praising activist judges for throwing out the historic definition of marriage, invalidating laws based on moral beliefs shared by almost all Americans 50 years ago, and then condemn courts for doing the same thing today.

“Yes, the courts of 50 years ago were right to toss out ancient marriage laws based on the deeply held moral beliefs of nearly 100% of Americans. They were brave, conscientious men who rightly imposed their own views on marriage and invalidated the will of the backward people. But when courts today do the very same thing to us, that’s very wrong.”

That kind of hypocrisy and schizophrenia isn’t much of an argument. It was never going to work. If traditional values folks wanted to keep gay marriage illegal, they should’ve been condemning courts for throwing out the laws that kept interracial marriage illegal.
Amen, Brother.

Albert Mohler pines:
But, far more than this, New England needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The moral issues are sufficient alarm -- the deadly danger is the loss of Christian faith.

New England is losing the remnants of its Christian memory. We need a new generation of Christians who, like Jonathan Edwards, will bring the Gospel anew to New England. New England was the cradle of colonial America. Is it now the cradle of America's secular future?
And as lightening follows thunder, I can already see the RedTeam's follow-up comment: "If we could get just one more Justice on the Supreme Court ..."

Something more disturbing, especially to traditional Christians, is that most of Christianity today is now, like Judaism and Islam, the direct enemy of European peoples. Quite a conundrum for young Whites. So what will claim these souls? Islam? Neo-paganism? Reconstructed European polytheism? Traditional Christianity? Buddism? Judaism? Or something else? Wer weiss?

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