Monday, December 5, 2011

A silver lining

in CWYN's Friday essay, The Man on the White Horse:
It certainly will be much worse when white people are an actual minority in the previously European countries. But the white Christian has been a minority in the European nations for the last fifty years. “European” art, culture, language, religion and society already have been obliterated in the name of liberalism. What the liberals do not realize, however, is that when whites become a small minority in European countries, liberalism, and liberals themselves, will cease to exist. The Muslims will kill them all.
I myself was rather hoping to kill the liberalism and convert the liberals back into decent human beings without actually having to kill them. Can't we just beat some sense into these stupid buggers? I think there's still a chance that rushing reality may cure many of their disease before the Muslims severe their heads from their shoulders. Heaven help us.

I do agree with CWYN that liberals do not have a death wish, as Malcolm Muggeride and others believe. Liberals are the biggest pansies and self-worshippers one could ever meet. It is why they are so willing to compromise every day in every way with any enemy, and why most of Christianity today has "be nice and capitulate to every alien at all costs no matter what" as its main ethic, over truth and love of ones own people, even over ones own children.

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