Friday, December 9, 2011

Justin Raimondo: typical liberal militant

Jared Taylor responds to Raimondo's Marxist, anti-White idiocy. A great article, suitable for forwarding to all. He ends with this:
And what if, like Mr. Raimondo, we are to put libertarianism before the preservation of race or heritage? Perhaps he has not noticed that it is only whites who have even imagined an individualism as pure as libertarianism. How many non-white allies has he found in his battle against the state? Does he really think Mexicans and Africans will help him dismantle state power rather than seize it for their own purposes? By ignoring race Mr. Raimondo is ensuring the failure of what I take to be his most cherished project.

Where Mr. Raimondo and I most clearly part company is that I am in earnest about the survival of my people and their civilization. For that I apologize to no one. If Mr. Raimondo does not see the crisis, he has every right to enjoy his ignorance, but he joins forces with the very multi-culturalists he claims to oppose when he denies to whites an awareness of their group interests without which they are doomed to oblivion.
Prozium comes in splendidly on this issue here, Svy here. Best comment to Svy's article is from Dasein:
It’s true that we could learn a lot from the Conservative Revolution in post-WWI Germany. But what’s up with ‘national community’ and the scare quotes- why not just say ethnic group or race? This is the whole problem with the Takitypes. They think that such a fundamental building block can be left out and whatever philosophy they adopt will still make sense. It’s like they want a return to old-fashioned omelette making, but they won’t say ‘you need eggs to do this’.

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