Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A study of the history of aristocratic philosophy

In response to my entry last week, Mythos and the aristocratic ideal in the new republic, an anonymous poster offered this promising book, Nobilitas, by Dr. Alexander Jacob.   Gratias, Anonyme, tibi ago.

The only thing that might delay my purchase of the book is the remark from a reviewer that Jacob "leans" toward viewing Christianity as a slave religion. That is of course true now, but it was not always so, especially during its 1000+ year reign over Europe and European colonies. This might just be the reviewer's imagination.

Related -- I just came across this in my Dictionary of Foreign Phrases and Classical Quotations, by John Grant Edinburgh, 1908:
Ἡ δημοκρατία ἡ τελευταία τυραννὶς ἐστίν.
Democracy is the severest form of despotism. -- Aristotle
Quotations always look better in their original Klingonese, lugh?)

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