Sunday, January 1, 2012

You cannot vote yourselves out of Mordor

The system is broken and cannot be fixed. The liberal democratic experiment has ended in failure. It is proven now that all peoples are not the same, that all do not want the same things nor see the world the same way as the European. We are swamped by people who hate us. Their orcs rape and murder us by the 10's of thousands every year, and grow bolder by the day. The international banksters and the globalists have stolen trillions from us and work to extract even more. All Western countries are experiencing the same phenomenon. There is nowhere left to run and no peaceful solution to any of this. Examples of the brutal war against European nations are easy to find. Exempli gratia, CWNY writes:
The torture-rape of a fifteen-year old white girl by Mexicans and blacks at a San Francisco high school was certainly heinous, but it was not an unusual occurrence. Such violent crimes are the norm now that America has become a multi-racial land mass rather than a white nation. There is no reason to believe that the colored hatred of whites will ever abate until they have killed every last white.
Will the type of barbarians who tortured and raped the white high school girl stop raping and murdering whites because they are afraid white people will vote against them in the next election? And will the liberals, who have forsaken the religion of charity and now have not charity, the same liberals who glory in the annual murder of a few million babies in the womb, have compassion on the victims of black atrocities and seek out the guilty parties? That is not what I see happening. Every time white people speak out against black and Mexican violence, the government moves against the whites who protest against the atrocities. Implicit in the neo-pagan pleas for non-violent protests of black atrocities is the assumption that once we have evolved to the higher level of democracy it is not necessary to actually fight evil, we need only vote against it. more >>
Zsidozas has for a long while been posting summaries about the lives and crimes of the biggest financial criminals (leider, only the small percentage which are caught and convicted). Jared Taylor has for many years posted a dozen or more news articles every day proving the war on whites is in full combat mode, encouraged and protected by the new elites and our own government.

I say, Enough. I reject this government. I do not recognize non-Europeans as leaders of my family, tribe, or nation. They cannot have my sons and daughters or my grandchildren. I refuse to live under their tyranny. The time for conservatism is over; it is a failed policy, fit only for timid women and pansies. This Judaeo-Marxist nightmare must end now.

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