Thursday, January 5, 2012

Buck up, America, real freedom coming soon

Your country is run by hostile foreigners who are raping and pillaging everyone and everything they can get their hands on, just as they did in the USSR. It's not your government anymore; the barbarians are sacking the country as we sit here. No matter what we want, the government employees are going to continue doing whatever they want, enriching themselves and destroying our once great country.

Over the next several decades, as the Republic disappears completely, we will be left with nothing but our own ingenuity and determination. I think it is helpful to remember what happened to the Britons when the Romans were forced to retreat, a retreat caused by a rotten central government in Rome and the fatal influence of too many non-Romans running loose and in charge throughout the empire: the Britons had lost their knowledge of self-protection and self-government; crime shot up and the infrastructure crumbled to dust. Our British ancestors couldn't see it coming, but we can.

Once we see our situation clearly, once we stop listening to the liars and fools in the MSM, we will be able to return to basics in a real and meaningful way: local government, local schools, local policing, lower taxes, better services, and real freedom of association (death to multiculturalism and its proponents!). It's going to be great. That is, if the Federal government's hired "contractors" and RedTeam-BlueTeam retards don't try to kill us all for resisting their desperate attempts to remain in total control. Another opportunity at freedom is coming. Are we going to grab it? Valete!

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