Thursday, January 5, 2012

Obama is not a Socialist

He is a Marxist Communist, a long-time believer in Black Liberation Theology, which is Marxism for black people.

America is a socialist country and we have been for a while. Every American waits eagerly for the day when he can retire and suck a few hundred dollars a month from the public teat. He argues for tax breaks for this and that special group, and expects government assistance for every financially troubled state, county, city, or district. When I was young, people used to call handouts from the government by their real names: welfare, government charity. Everyone knew it was just "for widows, orphans, or bums." No real American would accept any of that.

Seems we've had a change in attitude. Or maybe we're all just widows, orphans, and bums now. We collectively steal trillions from each other and then accept the booty in government handouts in various forms. And not only are we not ashamed, we feel entitled to it. How can American children be proud and have a sense of responsibility when they see all their elders in such a state? (David Yeagley, an Indian, knows what I'm talking about.)

Worse, Americans are busily engaged in spreading cultural Marxism far and wide, mixing all the world's peoples together to destroy nationhood and family. No public figure talks honestly about race or nationhood, preferring the liberal double-talk of multiculturalism and equality. It's a terrible situation. It has gotten so bad that our two best presidential candidates are a hard-line Marxist and a soft-line Marxist (McCain admires Obama).

And we're worried that the bank bailout might be -- gasp! -- Socialism?!

Get a grip, people. We started down the path of Socialism long ago and are now enthusiastically destroying what the Weiner on the radio calls "nations, borders, and culture" with Marxism. If our ancestors could see us now, they'd swear we were all on drugs.

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