Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A patriotic Russian

slideshow with comments. What a terribly fascinating and beautiful people. Of course, his page is not entirely correct -- those German POWs being so lovingly treated in his photos were eventually starved or shot by Stalin and his "willing executioners." Too, the new Russian leadership had whipped the Russians into such a barbaric frenzy with anti-German propaganda that when the Russian troops finally advanced into Germany, they behaved in the most barbaric manner possible, especially against German women and children.

That the international banksters and one-worlders set the Germans and Russians to murdering one another by the millions for profit, in the name of global, atheistic, egalitarian "brotherly love," is one of the worst crimes in modern history.

Anyway, what really impressed me, in addition to the incredible beauty of the country, was this Russian's patriotism. Would that there were as many Americans, Europeans, Australians, Canadians, British or Irish today this proud of their own historic people as there were before the 1960's Marxist revolution in the West. There is hope, however. For here is a man who survived the most murderous, inhuman, unnatural ideology in the world, yet is still proud of his people and his patria. May we emerge on the other side of our own impending Marxist nightmare with the same animos.

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