Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Arni a Nazi?

Kurt Nimmo at Infowars thinks so. I don't know. The Nazi's I know at least cared about the jobs, culture, families, and traditions of their countrymen and worked diligently to remove the corrosive Bolshevik-types and other harmful Auslaender. Schwarzenegger's cares seem limited to his own personal power, gauged largely by how many brown people he rules. If he has ever spoken up boldly for Whites -- the real original Americans, the ones who built this country and up until a couple decades ago were 90% of the population -- I've never heard him. And has he ever condemned the banksters/oligarchs, the ones at the root of many of our present day evils and the architects and financiers of our immigration woes? Ja, recht, Mann, geh raus!

On the other hand, it is nice to see he's not ashamed of his Germanic heritage and honors the bravery of his ancestors. I wonder what his neo-con handlers in the GOP think about him.

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