Friday, January 6, 2012

History Research

A few links for today, to keep your friends and neighbors busy for a few weeks.
Be sure to add a few of your favorite Holycost debunker-busters afterward.

What the Bolsheviks did in the name of “progress” and ethnic hatred:

Who financed and led the Bolsheviks and the USSR?,7340,L-3342999,00.html

Who looted Russia when the walls came tumbling down in 1989? Hint: It was the “Russian oligarchs,” who were not really Russian at all.

Who have been the leaders in eliminating borders in the West?

Who refuses to tell the truth about what they did in Poland, Ukraine, and Russia, but go on endlessly whining about the Holycost?

Which is the most powerful tribe in the United States today?

Who are these neo-cons who have been in charge of destroying the conservative movement over the last 15 years or more? They’re “ex” Trotskyists [Marxist Communists]:

If you’re wondering, Why haven’t I heard of this before?, look into who controls the media:

Remember to point out who is in charge of the Federal Reserve and who is leading the multi-trillion dollar open pillage of the Treasury, a.k.a., the "bankster bailout."

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