Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Monarchists Seize the Day

From Stanislav Mishin at Mat Rodina:
Now compare [the disaster of Western democracy] to the majority of the monarchies of the end of the pre World War One age. Not the propaganda spewed by the endless line of new Liberalism's propagandists but to actual fact. To do this, we must tear away the propaganda of the liberals, specifically the Americans and the Wall Street uber machine of Christless profit at any and all costs. Furthermore, we must pull away the veil of the daily miseries that were in no way the fault of the monarchies in specific and their societies but were suffered equally in America and other areas due to a lack of technology that would have come along regardless, to remove them from the human experience.

Monarchies and monarchistic societies of the 1800s and the early 1900s were on average stable, content and purpose driven societies. People born into them were assured of a world order in which they had a place, in which they could move up or down by their own hands, steadily if not quickly, but in which they were relatively sure that stability and sanity would reign as assuredly as the sun would rise and settle. In almost all of them, they were also assured of a steady conservative but undeniable improvement in their lives.

In Russia, for example, under Catherin the Great, the first worker rights laws were passed in Europe, forbidding child night labour and women and children from working in dangerous state enterprises, such as mines and munitions plants.

Economies were also stable, with few major bubbles and little loose monetary policy. The most famous exception of this was   more >>

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