Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fred Scrooby, National Treasure

One of the best posters at Majority Rights replies to the mindless chant:
“Whatever reaction Jews provoke doesn’t justify the madness of almost mystical anti-semitism.” (—rest52)
... with his own pith and vin:
What justifies the madness of almost mystical Jewish anti-Eurochristianism? What justifies the madness of almost mystical Jewish anti-Teutonism, the almost mystical Jewish anti-Germanism? [for the in-depth scoop on Jewish mysticism, see: Hoffman's Judaism Discovered - r.m.]
This is the “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” argument, and the two sides will go back and forth forever pointing the finger of blame at the other as “the one who started it.” The problem we are left with is right now the Jews and their allies are genociding the Euro race worldwide and they have to be stopped. This thing they call “anti-Semitism,” whether real or imaginary, whether legitimate or unjustified, has zero significance, zero significance, compared to the crisis of race-replacement genocide now confronting us.
Although I don't like to be called a snake, this is still some funny imagery:
Like a mongoose that sees a snake, a Jew who sees a Eurochristian is on him instantly, trying to kill him. What Jewish mysticism explains that?
Priceless, too:
The Euros in this country welcomed the Jews and treated them kindly, and what did they get in return? Knives in the back from the Jews. Jewish-dealt death blows to the nation. The Jewish 1965 Immigration Law and the Jews standing guard keeping anyone from undoing that law ever since, right down to the present moment when its cataclysmic portent is obvious to all. Negro Supremacy. All social fabric systematically torn to shreds. What justifies that Jewish behavior, that nation destruction? They have two countries, Israel and Birobidzhan. If they hate us so much why son’t they leave and go to their countries where they’ll be happier? more >>
This is typical Fred, always honest, and always to the point.

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