Saturday, June 4, 2011

About Liberals

Two great paragraphs from CWNY's latest, White Hearts:
There is no appeal to the merciless that will move them. They have hardened their hearts into finely chiseled granite. The conservative nationalist publications try to wake up liberals by showing them the results of their policies and their effect on individual human beings. That doesn’t work because the liberals do not see or care about individual human beings. They don’t care about the murder of white people. They care about the idea of the noble savage and the multi-colored society. In the face of the atrocities in the New Orleans Superdome, the liberals were not angered by the black savagery, they were only angry at the whites in the surrounding areas who armed themselves against the black barbarians. Such actions of self-defense are viewed by the liberals as heresy, because in the liberals’ satanic utopia there are no bad black men, only racist whites.
No appeal to white self-interest will work, because liberals have no race or faith. Only a man who believes that his race is an element of his personality which is connected to his God cares about the extinction of his race. The white race did not conquer the world because individual whites were smarter, swifter, or stronger than the people of other races. They conquered because they loved their God while those of other races only propitiated their gods. The summons of the fiery cross will only be answered by men with hearts of fire. One particular, personal God, and only that God, is capable of setting hearts on fire. No matter how small the white remnant, and no matter how numerous the foe, the men with the hearts of fire will keep Satan at bay until He comes to lead the final charge.
And if you haven't already, you absolutely must read Yockey's explanation of Liberalism.

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