Monday, June 6, 2011

Dear Texas, Please Secede

From Film Ladd:
Never. Do you hear me?

I refuse.

I refuse to live under this tyranny.

If I must choose to live as a slave or go to prison, then I choose prison. Better a prisoner than a slave. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, President Obamahole: arrest me now. Never a red cent shall I pay. Get it over with and come get me now. I won't pay your fines. I won't fill out your paperwork. I will die first.

I refuse even under threat of death to conform to your Health Enslavement Act.

Do you understand?

This is not a democracy. This is a constitutional republic, and I do not care about your majority vote. My liberty is more important. Do you understand?

It appears then that, since collectivists now control the United States and wish to enslave me and my family, I must consider other options. Shall I move? To where? Name a country that is not collectivist in one form or another, or under threat of imminent domination. Europe is under the crushing velvet glove of socialism, Russia is a madhouse, all else froth and insanity, corruption and tyranny.

I want my United States, but it is no longer the United States. It is gone and has been since at least the 1950's, as Rome was no longer Rome after the madness of the twelve Caesars, but still trundled on under momentum and past glories. more >>

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