Friday, June 1, 2012

Seeking traditional Europeans in the American desert

Another great post from CWNY here. I wish I knew what he was talking about. It all has the ring of truth to it. I want the Truth, I want to believe. But I do not understand and there is no wise man available to ask these deeper questions. I am unable to contact CWNY. All the preachers I know around here have imbibed the multiculti Kool-Aid. Books, bulletin boards, forums, blogs, and email are no help -- ever more reading and self-study brings yet more questions and does not tame doubt.

We are the awakened ones, in the philosophical desert, seeking our lost tribe of traditional Europeans. We reach out and there is nothing there. Society and civilization have not changed, they have ceased to exist. No oasis in sight, only political mirages. Herds of traveling materialists, sun-crazed conservatives and Jew-DayO!-Christians pass in a continual stream, beckoning us to join their troupes. But we continue on our trek, as we must. A weed tumbles past. The dark heat increases. How long?

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