Friday, June 1, 2012

Old Gore Vidal

The intellectual, equalitarian, life-long American Hater and total faggot is upset at how fouled-up the country has become. He's bewildered that the multiculti experiment has not yet succeeded. He says that Barack the Magic Negro hasn't fixed everything despite being "twice the intellectual that Jack [Kennedy] was" because Barack is too nice, "too delicate." He's mad at the Republicans and conservatives for resisting the Marxist takeover.

I think to myself, If only the RedTeam had resisted, if only ...

Gore Vidal may be intelligent but he doesn't seem very smart. As one who believes that all people are innately good and equal (a quintessential liberal), he believes that, "The US is only menaced ... because it menaces others." He seems unable to make any important distinctions among people at all. Besides his belief that all people are equal, he says no one is hetero or homo -- the distinction is completely made-up, a total fiction, a "social construct," ut dicant.

He loves populism and has romantic ideas about the Republic, but hates the Founders and real American people. He is always lamenting the loss of the dear Republic yet his leftism and internationalism has undermined it at every turn. As far as any normal person can tell, he's a complete nutjob.

He remembers the "President-erect," Jack Kennedy:
Jack once had sex with an actress friend of his in a bath, and suddenly rammed her head underwater, so she would have a vaginal spasm, and he would have an orgasm. "She hates him still."
Ah, happy days.

Gore is old. Another cancer on civilization will be gone soon. His confused understanding of life and contradictory politics will be missed around here as much as Ted WhatsHisName's.

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