Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Faurisson on Weber on the Holyhoax

On April 6, noted Jewish Supremacist Larry Auster posted a weblog entry entitled, Leading Holocaust denier admits Holocaust happened. Well, those who are very familiar with Larry's views on things Jewish understood right away that the truth of the matter was something different.

Here Robert Faurisson explains exactly what is wrong with Mark Weber's "confession" and what is wrong with Mark Weber as the head of a serious historical revisionism organization. After supplying us with very full and complete information about Mr. Weber's years of half-hearted service and evasive answers, Mr. Faurisson writes:
As for Mark Weber, he has disgraced himself. He has proved that he possesses neither the clear-sightedness, nor the will, nor the courage needed to lead, at the head of the IHR, the tough struggle that today has started up again so forcefully, that of "Holocaust revisionism." He must therefore resign from the IHR.
Basically, Weber was insincere from the beginning, never even interested in the truth or desiring to lead or take responsibility.

Thanks to DanielJ for the link.

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