Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Barry's people

Think about the following quotation when His Holy Self-Righteousness defends his treasonous talk and actions as "doing what's right for my people":
It’s liberating to be in a country where black people are in the overwhelming majority … because it renders issues of race less relevant. It provides a certain clarity. You can focus on what’s right or wrong, true or false.
Now, I want to make a distinction here. O-Banana prefers a majority black country because he can stop worrying about race. While amonst his own kind he can be himself and think clearly about right and wrong. Unlike now, where he must be all things to all people, including a puppet of the international banksters.

I am glad for his occassional words of honesty. And I'm glad he knows where he belongs and who his people are. He is doing his part to help white folk remember who they are.
Source and comment from Waylander's Keep >>

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