Thursday, June 7, 2012

Advice to Iceland

One of the ways the banksters are conquering the trusting goyish world, using the United States as their golem, is through the imposition of massive debt via deceit and manipulation.

From Global Research:
Their financial strategy is to play an ages-old psychological game. Make countries like Iceland feel guilty about being debtors rather than recognizing they have been victims of an international Ponzi scheme. In a nutshell, the game is to lay down “laws” for debtors in the form of destructive austerity programs fashioned by irresponsible and indeed, parasitic creditors. This “aid advice” ends in outright asset stripping, both public and private.
The product they are selling is debt. They build up their own wealth by indebting others, and then forcing sell-offs to buyers who take on their own debt in the hope of making asset-price gains as property prices are impossibly inflated relative to the wages of living labor. This has become the new, euphemistically dubbed post-industrial form of wealth creation – a strategy that is now collapsing economies throughout the world.
Paying an honest debt is a man's duty, but paying a debt one doesn't owe is stupid, and giving away your children's inheritance is just plain wrong. My advice to our Icelandic cousins in regards to these debts claimed by the Jewish bankers and their British and American rimmers: simply don't pay it.

But be prepared: the mainstream media in the West, which is completely Jewish controlled, will howl and demonize Icelanders just as they did White South Africans. But don't be fooled like our brothers in S.A. Most Americans will not really care, most will sympathize because they have also been fleeced by the same tribe. Just prepare yourself for the huge media attack and recognize who the real enemy is. Have your counter-arguments ready and speak them with conviction. Ignore all the Freudian guilt trips, Marxist hatred, and financial razz-ma-tazz, and you'll survive just fine. Either that, or risk losing your entire country.

Here is Michael Hudson's good, albeit long-winded, explanation of and justification for my thoughful, caring and extremely sound advice. Solon "the Law Giver" did a similar thing in ancient Greece, when the debts became too much for the average man to bear. I'm sure several good examples could be found in all European times of throwing off the foreign yoke in this way, if the records were available.

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