Friday, April 6, 2012

The thoughtless language of the evolutionists

From Seafaring Bacteria at George Washington's Blog:
In 2002, several scientists claimed that bacteria high in Earth's atmosphere came from space.

Last year, scientists said that bacteria in the upper atmosphere may actually make rain. Specifically, they said that bacteria can freeze at fairly warm temperatures, so that the "biological ice nuclei" form condensation nuclei which triggers rain.
Now here comes the typical form of the comment applied to this Earth life form:
Indeed, some scientists have speculated that bacteria cause rain as a means of transportation, so that they will "rain out" from the upper atmosphere to the surface of a planet.
I know you've seen this a zillion times. You know exactly what I'm talking about, so I don't really have to explain further about the form of this "explanation."

On average how often do you think a person hears or reads this Quatsch in an average week? A dozen or more? Surely students and Nature Channel watchers hear it at least few dozen times.

I wonder, Who really believes what is written above? How thoughtless must a person be to believe (I can't say think) that these little creatures consciously, intentionally -- in order to create outcome X and propogate themselves, et cetera, und so weiter -- create rain?

How many of these thoughtless people there must be. Since we see and hear this same stupid explanation 24/7 in just about every part of our public lives, the number must be in the 10's of millions, maybe more. I suspect they are heavily concentrated among the BlueTeam faithful, although given the lack of thought displayed from the RedTeam faithful, there's probably millions more there as well.

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