Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mythos and the aristocratic ideal in the new republic

A continuation of Democratic Bloodbaths and Die, Democracy, Die.

Democratic myths are for defeatist and chaotic spirits and will not inspire the builders of the new republic. Aristocratic ones -- those that reach for the highest of what Man is capable of -- will. See this at TOQ. This spirit is in the blood of our greatest men and women. It simply has to be freed so it can once again work its magic.

A truly aristocratic civilization is the deepest fear of the inferior, of those selfish and feckless ICU's of every race that make up the mob. It is the reason they cling so desperately to Democracy and work so hard to destroy anything or anyone better than themselves, and anything that might show them to be less than they ought.

But we can advance on the Democratic despoilers at the personal, practical every-day level -- individually and cooperatively, right here, right now.

Euroman has nothing to lose and everything to gain. As bad as things are and may become, excellence, truth, integrity, discipline, and hard work are still admired by those he wants to win over. Working toward the aristocratic ideal makes all of us better individuals, fathers, mothers, brothers & sisters, friends, citizens, writers, leaders, und so weiter. Socially and politically, we gain respect and influence by our example. And success breeds success.

There is also much to be gained with regard to sensitive racial or ethnicity issues. For, any republic reaching for the aristocratic ideal will be European by default. In said republic, racial truth shall not be banned, but neither need it be a front and center topic of discussion. The Other, the inferior, will be naturally weeded out by the very nature of aristocracy. The average person need not fear frank discussions about race because most of these discussions will be esoteric and infrequent, and only implied or briefly mentioned in regular communication.

One might as well begin preparing for an aristocracy now, anyway. It is either the next natural phase in the cycle, or at least the one after total tyranny -- the phase the West is about to enter unless something is done -- has exhausted itself. The tyranny phase could be skipped altogether.

This idea, this ideal, is a "path forward." It is traditional because it is deeply reverent to and informed by our past. It is modern because it absorbs the best of our own diversity and current circumstances and uses them to build a desirable, realistic future. It is something big and good and tangible to work toward now, no matter the political, societal, or cultural climate.

Aristocracy is not an absolute and can therefore be tailored to suit. It is the expression of the best that is in us -- an inborn desire for truth, beauty, and goodness -- and cannot be defeated except by neglect.

Again: a new power structure of some kind is coming, and it will in all probability cloak itself in traditional, aristocratic rhetoric. Better one should jump ahead of it and define it to ones advantage than to wait and become the victim, once again, of the current crop of Talmudic, New-World-Order "aristocrats."

What better way have we heard?

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