Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A VDare reader wants to know ...

"Why, if Indians are so “superior”, their country is such a dump?", here. Great question. It answers itself, of course. The same could be said about Pakistan, China, Korea, Mexico, sub-Saharan Africa, et cetera.

On the same page, the president of the Houston Police Officers' Union "recently called for Houston Mayor Bill White [email him] to end the city’s sanctuary policies that prevent HPD from even asking a suspect’s legal status." Another gaffer. Bill White is a smart, rich, and powerful liberal -- he wouldn't budge unless there's something big in it for him and his cronies. Houston will continue morphing into Norte Mexico until conservatives pop their heads out.

And Robert Kuza says he's tired of Los Mets. I agree completely. Racial integration, free agency, and sports affirmative action have completely destroyed all interest in watching sports for me. I mean, who I am watching now, anyhow? Some motley collection of criminal, steroid-jacked, third-worlders from God-knows where. Why in hell would I watch them play, much less give a flip how they played? It's all become so stupid and pointless.

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