Monday, April 2, 2012


From View From the Right:
Kevin V. writes:
Isn't it amazing that one single cop ... has inflicted more damage on the President of the United States than the entire Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, and the "conservative" movement combined?

LA replies:
I was about to say that Officer Crowley didn't show any particular intestinal fortitude, he was just doing his job, and that the damage to Obama was wrought by Obama himself. But then I recalled this: by the time Crowley put the cuffs on Gates, he knew that Gates was a Harvard big shot, he knew that Gates had promised retribution against him, and he knew that Gates would be charging him with racism. He knew that arresting Gates would cause him, Crowley, a lot of trouble. But he did his job and arrested him just the same. He did the right thing, which the lily-livered "conservatives" at National Review said afterward he should not have done. His correct action triggered Gates's and then Obama's self-discrediting idiocy.

So I change what I was about to say, and I agree with you. One (Democratic-voting) cop with balls damaged Obama more than the entire Republican Party and conservative movement combined.
That's because the entire conservative movement has moved so far left that it is now only concerned with conserving the status quo, id est, big liberal government and multiculturalism (communism). Conservatives are gutless when it comes to racial issues; they will throw racially conscious Whites to the dark wolves at the drop of a hat. Their main concern is to save their own skins and to be nice at all costs so they won't risk having their feelings hurt by being called nasty names. It doesn't work, of course. They lose battle after battle and their losing "strategy" never registers with them. They have become what they used to hate.

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