Thursday, April 12, 2012

Brock Lesnar Leads the Way

From Caste Football:
Fortunately, during this dark age, where our creed has been submerged into a pit of self-hatred, guilt and impotency, the roars of our past have bared a special breed of men that show the danger that dwells in our veins. I believe it’s unconscious, but the white man is using the platform of MMA, boxing and K1 as a battleground to combat the war on our souls. Every victory, every KO and every time a native European beats a non-white our level of social confidence rises and street-thugs like Hopkins, big mouths like Ali, and twisted rapists like Mike Tyson are seen in their true light -- not fit to stand toe-to-toe with an enraged white man.

Without equivocation, the "sport" of MMA is real fighting that happens to be legal. Despite "rules" like no biting, etc., the art fosters the development of the martial arts in a savage flow of unrestricted full-contact fighting. Since the beginning of this test of manhood, the toughest men on earth have treated their foes like boys against men. However, the common "niceness" of whites hasn’t gratified our pay-per-view generation and reinstated white men to their rightful place as the World’s Hardest Men.

Enter Brock Lesnar, a 6-foot-3 Viking forged from the crystals of Caucasian blood and harnessed with the discipline of our warrior past. He’s the last stage of our fighting revolution. A super athlete, Lesnar traveled from the world of sport entertainment [WWE], and he’s using his past skills as a college wrestler to rip apart the UFC and, more importantly, any idea that whites can’t fight.

I’m going to say it: because of his strength, athletic genius, and warrior’s mentality, only a White man can beat him. Lesner’s improved, he trains extremely hard, and now has a 4-1 record and holds the prestigious UFC heavyweight title.

Saturday, after crushing the white-Cuban Frank Mir, with pure testosterone coursing through his veins, he made statements to the world. When asked what he was going to do, he said "I'm going to drink a Coors Light. That's right a Coors," Lesnar then looked down onto the Bud Light logo on the canvas. "Bud Light don't pay me nothing." Further fueling the disbelieving crowd, Lesnar said he "might jump on his wife." Although, in the post-fight press conference, the huge Lesnar showed regret by saying "he’s not biased I’ll drink any beer," a floodgate had been opened and I believe the days of the introverted white apologists are over.

That display, although unconscious on Lesner’s part, of unrepentant manliness and in-your-face malevolence has sent a message: "Let’s fight, you can’t beat us, and we aren’t going to keep quiet about it anymore!" more >>

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