Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tea Party Charade

I know that we will not have to interrupt our little community's homeschool maths, history, Latin, and Greek studies and classes to attend the big tea parties scheduled for April 15th. It's easy to tell that the movement has been taken over by the usual RedTeam carpet-baggers.

Firstly, FauxNews, Limbaugh, WorldNetDaily, et alia, sternly warned that the BlueTeam would try to "disrupt" the events, proving that the RedTeam has no desire to unite real Americans in a fight to restore the old States-Rights Republic (a real teaparty is supposed to be disruptive, ya ignernt dillweeds). Second, we received an email invitation to the tea parties in our area with a giant picture of Newt Gingrinch's traitorous mug at the top. Then, the "conservatives" on the radio told us that the tea party is all about protesting Barry Hussein's economic policies. (Ita vero? Is that all the protest is about? Oh, by the by, did you nancy boys remember to get your government permits?) And today we see that Ann Coulter is pretending to like Ron Paul all of a sudden.

This is rich. It could not be more obvious what's going on here. For years the entire RedTeam did nothing but ignore or insult Ron Paul and his supporters, some aggressively, some passively so. Glenn Dreck and Sean Insanity -- and locally here in Houston, Dan Patrick and Edd Hendee, the vile voices of Texas -- went out of their ways to show their hostility to anyone who supported the traditional, Constitutional, limited government ideals of the Founders and early Americans. Most of the BlueTeam-ReadTeam machine just ignored us and lied about our message and our popularity. True American conservatism was, according to 99% of the RedTeam, pure evil. We were all kooky terrace, liberals, racists, anti-Semitic, fascists, nazis, anti-American, conspiracy theorists, et cetera, who should be rounded up, imprisoned, and shot.

But now, suddenly, Ron Paul is The Man and the RedTeam whores have rediscovered the wisdom of the Founders, limited government, sound money, and the utility of the Constitution.

(Just a personal note to an old friend: Ann, Baby, ple-e-e-ase stop calling me at all hours. You know I won't respect you (you dirty wench! ;-) but this time I'm serious. Yes, we had some good times. I know, I know, we'd both enjoy it (you more than me) but we'd both regret it afterwards. Dang it! Will ya stop nibbling on my ear and listen to me?! You gotta face facts, Cara Mea, it's over. I still love you but just not in that dirty, 1960's lovefest, neo-con kinda way anymore. I've grown, I've matured. I've got some real conservative women now. You need to grow up too, Schatzi, and stop hanging around with those RedTeam-BlueTeam losers, they're taking you down with them.)

Auf jeden Fall, this so-called tea party is just the S.O.S., the same old Schei├če. Thank the gods that most people are still nothing more than I.C.U.'s (individual consumer units) and moronic Reagan-Bush / O-Banana-Billary robots, because our family is very busy doing real things. There will be no revolution -- not tomorrow, not this week, month, or this year.

But do let us know when the true revolution starts, perhaps in 10 or 20 years or so, when Americans get their heads out of their behinds and notice that they are now a penniless minority in the land their forefathers built for them. Maybe by then they'll have a clue and will stop soaking in FauxNews porno and multiculti sports and really do something. If ever that happens -- if the heads of our current leaders and RedTeam-BlueTeam leaders and their minstels begin literally rolling down the street -- we'll be available to help out. Til then, let us alone. We have a lot of studying to do, families to educate and raise, crops to grow, business to attend to, et cetera.

Oh!, almost forgot: Homeschool now, ask me how.

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