Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good News: supply of White ho's unlimited

even though Whites are disappearing now faster than you can say Israeli White-Slave Traders or Muslim rape and abduction.

It's common knowledge that every O.J. Simpson, Snoop Dogg, and Tiger Woods demands an unlimited supply of luscious white skin and soft blond hair. But up until just a few years ago, America was a consciously White country, limiting immigration almost exclusively to other Northern Europeans. Adultery, porn, drugs, and violent crime were non-existent compared to today. Of course, race-mixing was illegal. Americans were a real nation and the country was a paradise on Earth. It was a tough place for jealous Blacks and Jews to do their thang to Whitey.

But the 1964 immigration act and the Civil Rights movement changed all that and now, thanks to the mainstreaming of Marxism / Globalism / Multiculturalism / Talmudism, there are more opportunities than ever to "get your fair share" of white American pie. FauxNews has the Tiger Woods' catalogue.

I'm sure glad the RedTeam and conservatives are here to speak up loudly and forcibly to protect our white nation against this kind of exploitation. Without their help, we'd be a minority in our own country, the target of all hatred from the press, academia and the government. There would be laws on what we could think about race and there would be millions of laws, quotas, and policies designed to steal our country, our heritage and our children away from us. Our white children would be lied to every day in school, told how evil and worthless they are. Our girls would think that being a whore for the dark rainbow of barbarian invaders would be a good thing, and our boys would be so discouraged that they wouldn't even put up a fight.

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