Friday, February 11, 2011

Global Deadbeats

From The Thinking Housewife, concerning the Liberal belief that global poverty is the fault of men and the solution is free money for women:
What’s the solution to this reign of global deadbeats? Big bucks for women. Not only are women saints, but they are born with hidden financial management skills that will bring an end to all poverty on earth. The only reason women didn’t rule the world sooner is that there weren’t enough humanitarian agencies to give them a boost.

The women pictured in this report look stunning in their colorful saris and African dresses. The photographers were bowled over by this flagrant femininity. I wonder how their daughters will look a few years from now. When their traditional cultures have been killed off along with the sex roles that sustained them, will they wear the denim uniforms of Western women? When social chaos engulfs them and their children, will they wear fancy suits? Obviously, the men will be wearing aprons. Already in China they do much more housework than American men, we are told. Now there’s a way of life we can envy.
Many people from the late 1800's and early 1900's thought that when women were allowed to vote and hold public office, there would then be fewer wars, more prosperity, and more equal distribution of wealth and power. Instead, we got two world wars, global communism, and most of the world's wealth concentrated in just a few (foreign) hands.

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