Saturday, February 12, 2011

Faithless Western women

A commenter at one of Laura Woods' articles discussing race puts it bluntly:
There is definitely something instinctive in men that is aroused by seeing women of their tribe being taken by men from competing tribes. Frankly, at a basic level, the motivation for men to conquer territory, create wealth, and do great things in this world is fundamentally to please and woo women. So when we see “the enemy” walking off with our women, especially the particularly beautiful ones, it is deeply infuriating. What makes it even worse is that we KNOW that those “enemy” men love their conquest of our women all the more because they are taking something that “belongs” to us. It’s really the ultimate victory over an enemy, because you are taking their most prized possession, the beautiful women of their “tribe”, without even having to conquer them – their women are actually voluntarily abandoning them to come to you! What a coup! And here, in this current liberal culture, we are expected not only not to do anything to stop it, but are expected to smile and be affable and act as if it is nothing at all. So there is naturally a certain degree of anger at the competing “enemy” male, but there’s even more anger at the women, who we feel deep inside should have some loyalty to us and some understanding of and concern for our feelings – should be on “our side” – but instead are happily handing our “enemies” the most devastating and demoralizing kind of victory over us that they can have. more >>
Bene dictum. It is Western women, too many of whom are spoiled brats who care only for themselves, who must take their fair share of helping to emasculate Western men. The race traitors among them are the faithless Tarpeias who have flung open the gates to the enemy invaders. They selfishly and hatefully remove one of the primary reasons for manly volition and reason of being, and then castigate us when we object. They expect us to be passive when we are in their way, yet expect us to act as attack dogs when they overreach or when they have their lusty eye on some baubel or other.

I sense that a majority of Laura's women readers are offended by these brutal truths, which just shows us how badly feminism has destroyed the natural healthy instincts of Western women. These women would gladly hand over our entire civization to the invaders, so long as they are not on a "terrorist watch list."

The only way Western men will be able to break the cyle of abuse and treachery is to take charge again, no matter what these feminazis say or do. Amici mei, women do not know what they want, so stop asking them. Most no longer have any sense of faithfulness to anything anyway except fleeting abstract concepts they hear in the popular culture. On the whole, our women are almost completely alienated from their own heritage, their own nation, and their own culture. So do what's right, Viri. Be men in order that your women may rediscover how to be real women.

M. responds correclty to one of these women, further in the comment thread: Regarding Rita’s comment:
“For the record I’m a white woman and I can’t believe what I’m reading. As a Christian, my only goal is to further God’s Kingdom. I don’t feel compelled to save the ‘white race.’”

That’s very nice for Rita, that she can live in the rarified atmosphere where only spiritual concerns matter. The rest of us have to live in a world where race and sex roles and civilizations matter, where men and women behave like men and women, competing for resources and mates, and not everyone is a white liberal Christian who turns the other cheek.

I think people like me and people like Rita are talking past one another. I have no objection to her fine and noble aspirations; but please consider, Rita, that there is a material world here where, whether you like it or not, you can be conquered and made quite miserable by hostile people happy to take whatever you’re unwilling to defend. You may be willing to accept dhimmitude, second-class status, even the extinction of the white race and all that means. I am not. And it doesn’t make me evil or any less spiritual than you are.
Karen Wilson, obviously faithful -- id est, a real woman -- and wise, agrees with Laura and makes a very sane recommendation:
Marriage is a tool for family formation, the preservation and transmission of culture, the maintenance of social stability and the production of a future generation of people who resemble their ancestors. It is also the primary institution for limiting state power and preserving private wealth. Thus the individual and potentially loving aspects of mixed race relationships are not relevant. Glen writes as though it is not possible to find love within one’s own race. There are six parties to be considered as stakeholders in a marriage – the bride, the groom, the bride’s family, the groom’s family, the unborn children and society at large. [Laura writes: That is an excellent point and very well stated by Karen. It cannot be stressed enough in a world that views marriage purely through the lens of self-interest.] If the interests of all are not upheld, the marriage should be vetoed. Two people of different races may love each other but their marriage is not in the interests of society at large and it is not in the interest of the next generation let alone the previous generation who end up with grandchildren who don’t look like them. The interests of society at large must take precedence over the interests of individuals. The majority of mixed race unions do not work out well in the long run and it is in the interests of most people that they be prevented from entering them.

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