Friday, February 4, 2011

Is Obama Really Preparing For Civil War?

by Chuck Baldwin. All I can think of to say just now is, "Death to tyrants and traitors."

In other news, Max Keiser reports that China has executed a bankster. Finally, some sanity in the world.

What if that idea were to catch on here and grow? Just think of the benefits we would gain from eliminating all the banksters, government tyrants, sundry Marxists and other traitors. The huge number of new job openings in entertainment, academia, media, banking, government, lobbying and other illegal businesses would cause overall confidence to surge to record highs. There would be no resistance to ensuring the soundness of our money. The economy would bloom overnight. Filth would begin to disappear from the airwaves. The porn industry would vanish. Multiculturalism would begin to fade and the borders could fianlly be shut. The crime rate would start dropping toward pre-"civil rights" levels, some honesty might even creep back into the media and the classroom. Our children would once again have a future.

I say, Giddyup. If the Eternal Tribe of nation-wreckers is going to continue creating another Weimar Germany disaster here in America, then we will gladly play our part.

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