Saturday, January 5, 2013

The return of Classical Education

Here are some of the best introductory articles I've found about Classical Education.

Greek to You: Is classical education dead?; Kathryn Jean Lopez interviews Tracy Lee Simmons, author of Climbing Parnassus, A New Apologia for Greek and Latin. (2002)

The Humanities Move Off Campus, by Victor Davis Hanson (2008)

The Classical Education of the Founding Fathers, by Martin Cothran (2007)

The Revival of Latin, by Hilaire Belloc (1931)

On the Study of Latin, by Arthur Schopenhauer (1851)
If the threatened calamity should ever come, and the ancient languages cease to be taught, a new literature shall arise, of such barbarous, shallow and worthless stuff as never was seen before.
Classical Christian Education 101 required readings, a collection of articles about Latin and Classical Education for parents and teachers, by Memoria Press.

Exodus Mandate has launched "The Call to Dunkirk", a new initiative calling upon churches and ministries to reorder their priorities so that they can assist parents in rescuing their children from the public schools. (2009)   Full article >> .

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