Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hurricane Chris in the Louisiana legislature

If you have not seen the movie Idiocracy, watch this video to get a sneak preview. Seriously. James Edwards has commentary and lyrics.

Stay tuned. Just like school shootings, rampant teacher-student rape, large percentages of illiterate college students, and gay lifestyles taught in elementary schools, there will be plenty more of this in "The House of Representin'."

Und warum nicht? What shared principle would put an end to it today in the West? Who among our "leaders" has not only the nerve but the words to put a stop to it? And who among the people would hear and understand?

Previously, I hesitated to recommend Idiocracy because of the bad language. Now it seems mild by comparison.

And Meine Kinder, having read your Western history well, you know that this situation -- the vicious daily murders, robberies, rapes, gross incompetence, a legislature which would provide a forum for this hoodlum -- and clap afterward -- is actually worse than what our forefathers warned us about should we ever integrate with non-Europeans.


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