Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sean Hannity gets a clue

Here's the video I talked about a few days ago, where Insanity's two brain cells strain to realize that there is indeed a New World Order forming. Skip to the two minute mark.

During the election, Insanity went out of his way to be mean and patronizing to Ron Paul and anyone who supported Ron Paul and to anyone who suggested that the international bankers and globalists were pushing for world government, calling us all kinds of nasty names.

Millions of average Americans already knew about the NWO, and have been warning about it for decades. Yet, Insanity and his million dollar research staff couldn't get their heads out of Bush's pants long enough to see it.

I still haven't received an apology from that media whore. What a stupid jackass, just like O'Reilly.

Here's Alex Jones on the recent shootings and last week's NWO summit, including some very good clips from other news shows.

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