Thursday, January 3, 2013

Reminder about Glenn Beck

He's a liar or a complete idiot; likely both. I've been following Ron Paul very closely for over a decade now and he is what he appears to be: an honest, reliable, realistic man who believes (mostly) in what Early Americans always believed in. Beck's criticisms of Paul come from his own twisted, alcohol-damaged brain, or what's left of it.

Yes, Glenn, the airwaves are full of disinformation. That includes your show.

Meine Leute, bitte!, turn off the Talmudvision and read Ron Paul's old articles for yourself (they're all over the Interwebs today, has a good collection), go hear him speak, check out his track record. He's not perfect, no one is. But there's none better in D.C. today -- no one else even comes close.

Let Glenn Beck be your litmus test: If you believe him (and those idiots Insanity and O'Rabidly) about Ron Paul being unrealistic, extreme, usw., then you are a typical brainwashed American sheep. You are part of the problem.

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