Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Flashback: the Great Orator speaks

The first time I heard O-Banana open his mouth, I knew he was a phony. I've known jive turkeys just like him. Listen to Barry Soetoro, the George Soros puppet, think out loud:

It's depressing to me to think that so many hundreds of millions of people who should know better think of him as charming and a great orator. It shows how low we have sunken into Idiocracy. It shows how little education we have and how few statesmen we have today to serve as examples of truly good orators.

Even the best of O-Bammie's speeches are bad. His mannerisms are so canned, his manner so condescending, his phrases so trite and his lies so outrageous that I am unable to listen to him for more than a minute or two. Yuk.

President of the Harvard Law Review? Obviously, he was just another affirmative action case, another token for the sake of Liberalism.

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