Thursday, March 1, 2012

What the Tea Party taught me

is that my observations and instincts were correct. There will be no real progress toward recovering our old republic from the current crop of "leaders." All the RedTeam and BlueTeam demagogues want to talk about is how mean or hateful the other team is and how smart, great, and patriotic their own viewers are. They are merely perpetuating the losing cycle of petty party squabbling amongst ourselves; they are completely out of touch and too self-absorbed to do anyone any good at all. Meanwhile, the banksters are still stealing trillions for themselves and continue to erect a police state all around us, unhampered in the slightest. Our jobs continue to disappear and our children's debt continues to pile up. The huge government that both the RedTeam and BlueTeam have supported and stoked for their own selfish reasons continues to grow and destroy what's left of our society.

We still have a centrally-planned economy, becoming similar to the Soviet one that all Americans used to fear and ridicule. The Republican's unconstitutional and immoral Department of Homeland Security and Patriot Acts have already been turned against them. The illegals are still here and growing; the Dept of Education is still pumping out millions of helpless and illiterate little commies every year; and a North American Union and global government is still likely. The quality and quantity of literacy and even a rudimentary understanding of history, responsibility, and civility continue to plunge. Whites will be a minority in less than 20 years, and all racial laws and benefits are still stacked against them. The current administration has admitted it will punish Whites even more.

But the RedTeam-BlueTeam leaders refuse to talk seriously or even mention these, the most important issues of all.

If Americans want to take back our country we will have to do it all by ourselves. We have almost no leadership at all currently. We must turn off the TV and the radio, educate our own children, take control of our families and communities, and demand State and local government instead of Federal control and handouts. We must stop depending on the government and the media entertainment idiots to lead us and begin depending only on ourselves.

I am merely repeating the warnings of original (European) Americans and the Founders: Absolutely nothing will change for the better unless the American people change themselves first.

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