Saturday, March 10, 2012

Don't be a stupid barbarian: read Shakespeare

If you have never read Shakespeare nor had a real Western man guide you through it, then you've been robbed not just economically but spiritually and culturally as well.

White Man, it's time to get even with the liberal poofs and the academic Marxists (or oligarchs, no-cons, neo-libs, or whatever they are calling themselves these days) who have been standing in the front of your classrooms and lying to you all these years. And, Amice, you couldn't have picked a better time. Winston Smith, not pictured here, has just begun leading a Shakespeare discussion group. He only asks one act per week, something even the busiest of us can do. Mr. Smith's invitation:,
The program will be easy - I'll/we'll read and comment upon the Bard's works at the leisurely rate of one act per week. When we finish one play, we'll take a break for a week of so, then start reading another one (or perhaps a sonnet). This will not be a "gotta get it done ASAP" sort of thing. Speed isn't the point. The goal is to simply read the works of the greatest writer and keenest observer to ever grace the literary world, who is also one of our kinsman. It's our duty and our privilege.

So, come Monday the 27th, join me in reading William Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors.

The idea is that we read and comment. If someone doesn't want to comment, then that's fine. The point is that we simply read Shakespeare, as he is the exemplar par excellence of the White literary mind. We should read Shakespeare because 1) he was one of us, 2) our enemies want either insult him or coopt him, and 3) his writing is just so damn good.
What can you do to "save Western Civilization"? Nothing, except improve yourself and your family and discover the rich and wonderous heritage that has been purposely hidden from you, and pass it on to your children and grandchildren.

Come on!

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