Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chris Matthews, Faithful Government Watchdog

His vicious hatred of real Americans and the Constitution, as well as his extreme dishonesty, is on full display. Matthews, who "gets a thrill running up his leg" when he sees Obama and visualizes being dominated by him, is joined at the end of the interview by Mark Potok of the Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center, a highly anti-American and anti-White organization.

Thank God for Matthews. He is able to create a deep loathing for government in people who were previously indifferent or only wary. He is the embodiment of George Orwell's "boot, stamping on a human face forever," and demonstrates how normal people will be force fed Pravda in the growing Jewish, USSR-style police state.

Stewart Rhodes is not able to dodge all of the hundreds of flaming turdballs hurled at him but did manage fairly well. The "thrill up the leg" dig was good. David Codrea writes about the interview, here.

I hope Stewart is realizing that any groveling against charges of "racism, hate, anti-Semitism, ad absurdum" are a waste of energy.

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