Saturday, March 3, 2012

Public schools celebrate the Obamassiah

Sally Zelikovsky reports in her article at American Thinker: January 20th, Indoctrination Day:
While we are all familiar with the indoctrination that takes place in our schools at all levels of education, I want to share a few letters friends have received from their children's elementary schools regarding planned inauguration festivities. The letters speak for themselves.

I urge all parents to find out what will be happening in their children's classrooms on January 20th and to speak out against any such displays.
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On a related but more more colorful note, IncogMan comments on the upcoming festivities.
Obama is obviously a media-created puppet for the PC masses. The evidence is now becoming clear-cut as we see that most of Obama’s cabinet and appointees are socialistic CFR Bilderbergers and Banker Jews. We are being silently marshaled along towards the goal of what Huey Long once described as a “Fascist Anti-Fascist” state and the concept of a “Free” America will be in name only. more >>

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