Monday, September 12, 2011

White Privilege Conference

Meets in Memphis, TN, APRIL 1 -4. Where Blacks, Jews, and other minorities gather to defame White people. Story at

I've had just about enough of this nonsense. Our forefathers warned us that this is what would happen if we let non-Europeans have an inch; the barbarian invaders are now taking miles and miles, taking over and destroying our entire civilization, including us. Our ancestors were 100% correct about this.

None except Whites can carry on civilization -- it is mentally, spiritually, physically and metaphysically impossible. The barbarians are simply incapable of understanding any of it and even less able to carry it on even if they cared about it, which they obviously do not. As evidenced by their own actions, by the millions, for decades running like wild apes among us, they live only for destruction and pillage.

There are no Whites-only conferences, neighborhood watches, political action committees, businesses, neighborhoods, churches, banks, policemens' or firemens' associations -- NOTHING! And yet -- and yet -- the Jews and the Africans, with their legions of organizations, higher income, special academic and special legal rights over Whites in all Western countries, continue to attack, pillage, rape and murder Whites, unfettered; emboldened by our liberal leaders' fecklessness.

There is no stopping them unless we push back. Conferences like this are proof positive that they will never stop attacking and raping our women and pillaging our pockets and our treasury unless we forcibly stop them. There is only one thing non-Westerners understand and respect: force.

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