Monday, September 12, 2011

Our schools

CWNY has an excellent post today about our schools:
I spoke with a conservative relative recently who told me an all-too-familiar story. He had sent his daughters to college and they became mad-dog radicals. Of course, I sympathized with my cousin, but I was rather surprised at his surprise. If you give someone an injection of the typhoid virus, aren’t they going to come down with the disease?
For the past thirty years, I have heard the ‘Don’t give up! Keep writing those letters and voting’ conservatives say, “The hour is late, but we will win over the American electorate.” And yet they never talk about eliminating the breeding grounds of Negro-worship and radicalism. Does anyone seriously believe that white Christian Europeans can have any influence on society when the schools and churches preach a theology totally opposed to white Europeans? The English women of The English Magazine were right: nothing will change unless hearts and minds are changed. So we must eliminate the institutions that are destroying the hearts and minds of our young, and old, for that matter.

Richard Mitchell wrote:
After sober and judicious consideration, and weighing one thing against another in the interests of reasonable compromise, H. L. Mencken concluded that a startling and dramatic improvement in American education required only that we hang all the professors and burn down the schools. His uncharacteristically moderate proposal was not adopted."The problems and disorders in education have become more and more visible in the last few years, of course, and even the ordinary citizen who happens to have no children in the schools suspects that something is very wrong, but he will never understand exactly what is wrong until he realizes that all our educational problems and disorders, none of which are new, although they are more obvious, provide endless and growing employment for the people who made them.
Schools do not fail. They succeed. Children always learn in school. Always and every day.
What are your children learning? 95% of parents have absolutely no idea; if they did, they wouldn't send their children to school, they'd homeschool them or send them to a small, private school co-op.

As insightful as he was, Mitchell did not see that the educationists had even more ambitious plans than a simple, total dumbing down.

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