Monday, September 12, 2011

Patriarch Volodymyr of Kiev and all Ukraine

About Fr. Vasily, by Matthew Raphael Johnson:
For Fr. Vasili, the west was completely fooled by the leftist propaganda machine in and out of the USSR. Corrupted media, religious complacency and sheer ignorance and self-importance forbade western politicians and religious leaders to fully comprehend the Soviet menace. While the Nazis were condemned to the skies on a daily basis, being a Marxist was little less than chic in American universities. Marxist slogans without serious opposition were offered with a sneer from the overpaid academics in the modern west, comfortable with high salaries, tenure and little work to pontificate to their captive audiences in the classroom. Anti-communists were regularly denied tenure and driven out of universities on the charge of “anti-Semitism.” The west had, since World War I, followed the Marxists root and branch, offering the same promises, but under a system where the regime could be justified in periodic and tightly controlled elections. This the likes of Patriarch Volodymyr and Solzhenitsyn knew very well. While “Holocaust survivors” became celebrities, GULAG inmates were forgotten, and their memory besmirched by huge American academic establishment who regularly considered the GULAG inmates “fascists” regardless. Even today, professional academic frauds have ignored the testimony of GULAG inmates among the expatriate Ukrainian and Russian exiles in America, while giving “Holocaust survivors” speaking fees of $100,000 and up. Had Solzhenitsyn not won the Nobel prize, he also would have gone down the Orwellian memory hole as well.

For Fr. Vasili in the GULAG, the Moscow Patriarchate was little more than a propaganda organization for the KGB. The fact that these men wore clerical dress and chanted the services meant nothing, none of that proved their Orthodoxy, only their usefulness. Today, the Ukrainians in Bound Brook, in full communion with Constantinople who never wavered in their support of the Moscow Patriarchate, would like to drop Volodymyr down the memory hole, something that we cannot permit. For Fr. Vasili, the Moscow Patriarchate exists solely for the purposes of “self-liquidation,” in his words, a bureaucracy that exists to oversee the manipulation, alteration and eventual disintegration of religion in Russia and has no other purpose. Hence, the Moscow Patriarchate maintained close ties with the WCC to permit a further penetration of the propaganda to the “anti-communist” west. In fact, the WCC was a willing partner with the MP in flooding the west with false stories about “freedom of religion” in the Soviet Bloc. In fact, the future patriarch writes from prison, concerning the MP, “This church has no rights. It is unable to set in motion its own activity. Furthermore, it has been assigned the function of self-liquidation. . priests and active believers are submitted to various repressions while the hierarchy washes its hands of the matter. . .I have turned to the Moscow patriarchate several times, so that they could intervene in my defense, but on none of these occasions have I ever even heard a reply.” In dealing with the obliviousness of the corrupted west, he writes: “Brazenly and arrogantly the USSR persecutes believers while the Christian world not only remains silent, but signs various agreements with this country.” The phrase “Christian world” was uttered in sarcasm.

In mocking the western delegates at the 1975 WCC convention in Nairobi, Fr. Vasili writes: weiter >>
His comments about the West are not entirely accurate. At that time, middle America was as traditional as it could be and was actively very anti-communist. Fr. Vasily is actually condemning the new American communists, which were led by American Jews who had taken over the publishing industry and then completed their Red coup in the 1960's revolution. But to a foreigner, especially from inside of a gulag, I'm sure we Americans all look alike. We are today in any case.

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