Saturday, July 9, 2011

You did this

By consistently voting for the lesser of two evils. You perpetuated a system which is only concerned with growing itself until now we have a government that is so big it has taken over almost every part of our lives. You say you want a more efficient government, that it should be run like a big business. No, what we need is a government that is run like a business -- a lemonade stand. The Founders that you pretend to revere so much warned us to keep government small and powerless, but you couldn't help yourselves, you wanted ever more.

You did this by dumping your children into the communist school system, where they have been taught to analyze everything, know nothing, and hate themselves and their culture. Now we have a nation of uneducable communists and now you are surprised, not being able to figure out where they came from.

In your own sloth and ignorance, you blame the other party, as if that's where the beliefs and actions originated. You are a puppet, a blind fan of the RedTeam-BlueTeam game, a real useful idiot, parroting the party-line, going against all you know to be true, for the sake of the party.

We have a colored, Marxist, White-hating presidential candidate and 10's of millions of people in charge who support him against White people and the West in general. And you still say nothing, desiring as your highest personal goal to be polite. You don't care that your children and grandchildren will be minorities in their own country, with all the discrimination laws still stacked against them. You see what happened in Rhodesia and South Africa, and you still don't care. You just want your government checks and your televisions.

You say things like, "Obama's skin color doesn't matter to me, it's the economics ..." "I don't mind the millions of legal immigrants, it's the illegal ones ..." Economics and fairness are your top concerns, just as they are with the Communists. You cared little about our heritage and our culture, and now we are about to pay the price. The West is disintegrating, 10's of millions of hostile foreigners are taking over, and yet you sit there, polite and "nice," saying nothing.

You did this. You fought communists abroad but you let them flourish at home -- in our schools, in the media, and in the government. You want to "spread democracy" around the world, and are enthusiastic about sending my children to die for this ridiculous, un- American, utopian project, even while your own country is turned into the Soviet Union.

You did this. And this is how we will remember you, those of us who have to live in this new Hell which you helped create through your passivity and tolerance.

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