Saturday, July 2, 2011

We gotta do something!

Some panicky young men I have counciled say, "Ya, but that's little stuff. It won't change anything. We have to save civilization!" Hey, it's all little stuff, Amici.

First: real, healthy, lasting change will only come from the bottom up, from the folk. Second: we have no big, visible leaders and all of our existing institutions have been taken over and corrupted, so you're going to have to do it all yourself, with a little help from your mates.

But these young men want to do something big, something grand. I say to them, If you are not willing to do the bare minimum, id est, disciplining and improving yourself and your family, what chance do you have at changing something much larger and more complicated, further removed from you, less under your control? By what right and through what experience would you tell other men what to do?

And no one can "save civilization" in one big leap, any road. It's the tireless, dedicated work of individuals which will save us. Be an example, get the log out of your own eye first. If you're not married or don't have children, get moving. There are millions of nice White girls out there looking for a real White man. Just do it, for goodness' sake, be a man. By firsthand observation at ToysRUs and furniture stores, the interracial breeding rate in my city is 30-40% and rising. These White chicks are desperate to have babies and settle down; the feminazi programming is receding and now they can hear their biological clocks loudly ticking away. Tickey-tock, gentlemen.

Don't get bogged down by the big ideas and don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. The right memes, the right organizational structure, the right direction, usw., will only come while you are working out how to make yourself, your family, your community, and your tribe better -- not before. The "Grand Strategy" will probably not even come, at least not in our lifetime. Do the best you can with the small stuff. It's work enough; few of us have time for much more.

Though I'm far from perfect, I'm no hypocrite here. Let me tell you what our families are already doing.

We are building real wealth and skills. We homeschool in a classical European way. We are racially aware, sensitive, and realistic. We warn of the Other at every opportunity. We are stable, reliable, active members in our communities and our heritage organizations. We have beautiful northern European babies and encourage our family and friends to do same. We devote our lives to helping them succeed in every way, spiritually, intellectually, and physically. We write, we speak, we teach, we network. We cut Talmudvision time to zero, and computer gaming time to 3 hours/week or less. We read and share the classics. We barter, compost, grow veggies, build and repair buildings and machinery. We shoot and fish. We teach other Whites what we know.

In short, we are improving ourselves and our children, preparing the way for all our White descendants, using the wisdom and traditions passed down from our forefathers, adapted to today’s conditions. It’s simple: our ancestors have already told us what we need to do. But it’s difficult: it requires constant discipline, something always in short supply, especially today. Anyone can do these things (simple) if they really want to (difficult). The good news is that once you get moving it gets a little easier. Eventually you will find others like you and then some of the stress and inefficiencies will disappear.

I have no doubt that what we are already accomplishing will fit neatly into any detailed plans for a future strategy someone may (eventually) devise. You want a successful, long-term, safe and happy "lonewolf" plan of attack? You want a successful group plan? It'll work for that too. It's the plan you've been looking for, custom design it for your needs, abilities, and leanings. Chuck your indecision and excuses and just do it already.

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