Thursday, July 7, 2011

Whom to trust

On the internet. I'm new to the site but the list at Juden Frei is pretty darn short. Eric Huffschmid is on it, which is not much of a help to me because I find it hard to follow some of Huffschmid's arguments. Salvador Astucia and Matt Giwer are his only other two links of websites, and I have never read anything from them. He also posts a well-done video by Maud'Dib about 7/7.

His recent post, Jeff Rense, Nathanael Kapner, Alex Jones: Jewish controlled opposition becoming more transparent really is a head-scratcher for me. In the first part of the article, he says good things are happening but later says that the squabble may be just another Jewish setup.

Regarding the meat of the article, Jones, Rense, and Kapner seem pretty spot on to me, a wealth of good info, and other than Jones' sensationalist beginnings, he seems on the up and up these days. They play to their audiences' sensibilities very well, I think. Jones allows quite a bit of postings about Jewish culpability, and Rense and Kapner are very forthright about Jewish power, underhanded dealings, and twisted motives.

Overall, Juden Frei seems a good website, lots of helpful info, links, and suggestions. Perhaps it's my prior multiculti programming that is not letting me see clearly what he sees about Jones et alii. Wir werden sehen.

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