Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Alex Jones' new video

"Fall of the Republic, The Presidency of Barack Obama," part 1 in a new series, is pretty good. He has presented his facts clearly and done a better than usual job of showing us who "they" are and at proving that the takeover of America by a "global elite" is really happening. Personally, I would have liked to have see more proof that the current financial crisis has been intentionally manufactured, but I think he did a good job for a 2 1/2 hour video. Perhaps we will see more financial detail in the next video.

I liked seeing the clips of Algore. They helped me remove any lingering doubt as to his motives. Seeing what a clever, lying bully he is, there is no possibility that he is simply ignorant of the unintended consequences of his actions to save the planet, or that he is making political blunders. He and his fellow travelers know exactly what they are doing.

Other observations: Ross Perot was exactly right about NAFTA. Obama is even more of a stupid, arrogant, lying ass than I had originally thought. Michelle Obama is ghetto trash. There is very little indication in Jones' movie, or in any live radio or TV broadcast I've ever heard or seen, that the MSM political commentators can be relied upon to expose government and corporate corruption, or the machinations of the globalists and one worlders. Save for Lou Dobbs, most all supporters of the status quo.

The BlueTeam and RedTeam faithful really should see this. Here is the full video online. Order the DVD's here.

Will Jones ever tell us to which tribe the international banksters, dual-citizen Executive branch controllers, and neo-con think tank leaders belong? And will he tell us why the design and thought process of this new and growing police state is remarkably similar to the USSR's and Israel's? Don't hold your breath.

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