Sunday, May 1, 2011

What it was really like back then

I can speak from my own and my family's experience that what Paul Craig Roberts writes about here is true. Fred Reed often writes about his childhood in the exact same way. Read Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer for additional insight into how a boy's childhood was and should be.

I tell my young charges how things were only 30-50 years ago but it's difficult for them to envisage. Compared to today, there was very little crime, no divorce and no drug problems (for Whites and Blacks), no racial strife, and the government corruption was relatively harmless.

Parents did not have to worry about their little ones being abducted from their own Gärten. Children could wander and play freely all over the countryside and the neighborhood. Parents watched out for each others' children, reprimanding them in public if they were rude, dishonest, too loud, or generally misbehaving.

I know most Jungen today won't believe this but not too long ago a child could travel all by himself trans Americam to Grandma's house on a bus and his parents could be sure that complete strangers would look out for him. Or her, Black or White. The few child predators and other rapists that existed simply "disappeared," if you take my meaning. Before my time, but there was an honest and practical purpose for the lynchings so demonized today by the idiotic media.

Children were not taught to esteem themselves first but to love and honor their honest and wise forefathers who fought and died for their freedoms and gave them such a terribly marvelous inheritance. They were made to learn history in order to show them that the world existed long before them and that civilization is a extremely complex and delicate thing that must be constantly tended and, well, cultivated. They were taught that we owe a great debt to our European ancestors and to the Western civilization they created and nurtured so carefully and passionately. Children were not taught that they were the center of the universe, that life was supposed to be equal and fair, nor were they encouraged to give their ignorant, inexperienced, and Marxist-manipulated opinions about societal ills and world politics.

Seriously, all children were taught to be thankful for what they had; and what we had materially was far, far less than what we have today. We were resource poor but very rich in faith, hope, and charity and for love of God, country, Mother, and apple-pie. We were orderly, polite, and considerate of others, and beaten if we weren't. It was very nice, especially compared to the barbaric chaos we have today.

It was shameful for most to take welfare of any kind. But Americans everywhere gave generously from their own poor pockets to widows, orphans, and the truly unfortunate, though it was often difficult to get the intended recipients to accept it, no matter how much they may have needed it. Only "bums and losers," everyone used to say, would take government handouts. Even Black folk would say, "Only niggers take government handouts." Not only was it immoral to depend on someone else to pay for your keep, it was immoral to use the government to take it from others. Welfare was stealing, thievery, robbery. "That's ... Socialism!"

The public square was reserved for polite conservation only. We talked about intimate and private matters, as well as the occassional nasty or grotesque business, and what to do about it, behind closed doors out of earshot of young innocents. Kids were taught by friends and relatives what they needed to know when they needed to know it. Virtue, honesty, and integrity were held in high esteem by everyone, even by those with no self-control (politicians excepted, of course). Promises really meant something. Lying, cheating, or stealing was scandalous, drug use unthinkable.

And giving your own children mind-altering drugs -- on purpose? No one but the sickest sickos would have even dared such an evil thing.

There was freedom of association, discrimination, and separation. The Marxist-invented and propagated term "racist" was meaningless. It was perfectly natural that everyone, of all races or ethnicities, knew who their families and their extended kinfolk were. It had been that way since the dawn of time. Each lived and worked safely on his own peoples' health, safety, and well-being, cooperating with the Other when necessary. There was real society, real community. The races by and large left each other alone and had a million times more "peace, love, and harmony" than today's Marxist multiculti "society" could ever dream of having.

Most people, even in the cities, left their doors unlocked and their windows open all the time. Vero, Amici, it really was like Mayberry RFD, Leave it to Beaver, and Happy Days back then; and where it wasn't, that was still the ideal for most folks. (Porky's portrays the opposite of how it was). There really were "good ole' days," as Grampa used to say.

Those were the societal norms and the ideals most people worked hard to uphold. They were the shared set of rules and expectations, spoken and unspoken, we all wanted and (almost) all agreed to live by. Anyone who didn't was punished swiftly and severely. This is the meaning of the word society, the real meaning of the word community.

The anarchists and Marxists have been asking since the 1960's revolution What good is "herd behavior"? and teaching our young to say, Don't put your morals on me, Man. I hope, Liberi Cari, you understand better that chaos -- ubiquitous crime and corruption; mass depression and drug use; horrendous levels of child abuse, murder, and suicide; and private and public economic Ragnarök -- is the result of their indefatigable and implacable crusade against our society, our culture, and our religion, and that we are living in the logical outcome of their "civil rights" and "equality" lies, manipulation, and promotion of sickness.

I hope you understand a little better now what a truly Western, civilized society looks like, what it needs to function, and how it must be maintained, as well as what happens to society when the healthy shared values are destroyed.

Most of all, I hope it gives you some ideas on how to proceed to recapture what we have lost.

Liebe Kinder, you have no idea how grossly academia, government, MTV, the ABC Family Channel, the Disney Channel, and popular "culture" has been lying to you about your "evil, racist, bigoted past," you have no idea at all. I was there, I was paying close attention, I was reading and asking a lot of questions. I remember what I saw and heard and what others told me about what they saw and heard and about how they lived. It was only a few short years ago, for crying out loud. It wasn't perfect, of course, but compared to today it was heaven.

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