Tuesday, May 10, 2011

E. Michael Jones defines

Jews collaborate in the promotion of this sort of racism because it keeps Jews in line. Instead of distinguishing between racism, which is bad, and anti-Judaic principles, which are required of every Christian, Jews try to portray the anti-Judaism that is part and parcel of Christianity as a form of racism. Jews, in other words, manipulate the term “anti-Semitism” for their own political advantage:

Anti-Judaic thought is part of the foundation of Christianity and Communism, to mention just two of the most important ideologies. Jews try to present the anti-Judaic line as racism. Though anti-Judaic thought has existed for hundreds of years, Jews insist on using the name of “anti-Semitism,” a rather short lived racial theory of the 19th century. For the anti-Semite, a Jew has inherent and unchangeable inborn qualities, while anti-Jewish thought analyses and fights Judaic tendency.

Instead of admitting that there is something wrong with being Jewish because the Jewish rejection of Logos disposes Jews to act in a way that antagonizes everyone they come in contact with, the Jews fall back on outdated theories of racism as a way of exculpating bad behavior. “It is because of what we are, not of what we do,” a slogan recently appropriated by President Bush, has become the mantra that excuses bad behavior and hides from Jews the core of their essentially negative identity and why they have faced antagonism among every group they have lived with throughout history.
And tells us who is a Jew:
A Jew is now a rejecter of Christ and thereby to some extent a rejecter of Logos, which is the Greek word for the rational order of the universe. Insofar as they rejected Christ, the Jews rejected Logos, and in rejecting Logos, they rejected the order of the universe, including its moral or political order. As a result, they became revolutionaries, a decision they solemnly ratified when they chose Barabbas over Christ.

A Jew is an ethnic Jew who has rejected Christ. An ethnic Jew who has accepted Christ is not a Jew. Ethnicity is the necessary but not sufficient condition for being a Jew. The sufficient condition is rejection of Christ. This was ratified by the Israeli Supreme Court when they denied Oswald Rufeisen citizenship because he had been baptized a Catholic. From a more religious perspective I note in the book the words of Jewish scholar Jacob Neusner: “While not all Jews practice Judaism [it is] the iron-clad consensus among contemporary Jews, Jews who practice Christianity cease to be part of the ethnic Jewish community, while those who practice Buddhism remain within.”

Judaism is not the religion of the Old Testament. Catholicism is the religion of the Old Testament. Anything that claims to be the religion of the Old Testament must have a Temple, a priesthood, and sacrifice. After the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD, Judaism had none of these things, but the Church had all of them. The Temple was Christ, who explicitly stated that he was its replacement. The Church also had the priesthood, which celebrated the new sacrifice, which was the unbloody sacrifice of the Mass.

Judaism as we know it is a religion that was created by Jochanan ben Zacchai after the destruction of the Temple. It was, as Jews have to admit, not the Old Testament religion, because the Jews at that point had no Temple to perform the sacrifices which were needed to fulfil their covenant. As a result, the Jewish religion became a debating society or school, which met at synagogues. The codification of those debates became known as the Talmud, which got written down between the third and seventh centuries AD. The Talmud is a systematic distortion of the Torah—“Whatever the Torah forbids, the Talmud permits”—whose purpose is to keep the Jewish people away from Logos and in bondage to Jewish leaders.
Unfortunately, I cannot find where Mr. Jones has clearly defined race, racism, or ethnicity. What he has written here seems unclear, even contradictory.

Here are reviews of his book, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History.

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